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Introducing BCC’s 5-Day CE Extravaganza – Jason’s Corner

Over the past few years, we’ve been running Continuing Education sessions as a combination of podcast episodes, ½ day sessions once per month, and recorded content. All this is available to our subscribers at the cost of $200 per year.

This year, we are adding a new offering. Twice in 2023, we will run 5 consecutive days of CE. The first will be April 17-21. The second session will be December 4-8.

These days will comprise an AM session at 3 or 3.5 hours, and a PM session at 3 or 3.5 hours. All sessions will be available to our subscribers, and only to our subscribers. I think $200 for access to a week’s worth of CE (plus a whole lot more) is a pretty fair deal.

The April session will include the following content:

  • Apr 17 AM CPP Concepts
  • Apr 17 PM CPP Case Studies
  • Apr 18 AM Corporate Taxation
  • Apr 18 PM Corporate-Owned Insurance
  • Apr 19 AM Group Benefits Morning
  • Apr 19 PM Group Benefits Afternoon
  • Apr 20 AM Foundations of Individual Taxation
  • Apr 20 PM What you can learn from your client’s tax return
  • Apr 21 AM Financial Planning Research
  • Apr 21 PM Where Therapy and Planning Meet … and Don’t

As we speak, I am working on slide decks and booking guest presenters. Keep your eyes on communications from BCC, as we will soon have a website live that will outline the credits available, topics, speakers, and sign-up information for each session.

The April session will include a generous helping of CE credits, including your full complement of FP Canada credits for the year, as well as insurance, IIROC, MFDA, and IAS credits.

We already have some great speakers lined up. I believe this will be a valuable week of learning, and I hope to make it worth your while.

2 Responses to “Introducing BCC’s 5-Day CE Extravaganza – Jason’s Corner”

February 16, 2023 at 2:51 pm, Krishan sharma said:

It looks awesome. I love these five days CE Week esp. in April

February 16, 2023 at 3:41 pm, Jason Watt said:

Great! I hope we see you there.

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