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Register now for our inaugural CE Week!

Last month, I talked about our upcoming CE Week, featuring a variety of topics. I asked our marketing team (Alex, Liz, Devesh, and Tiffany) to put together a website to handle enrolments and promote the event. They came up with a brilliant result! The site and registration links are now live, and you can access them right here.

You’ll see that you’re able to get your full complement of life insurance credits, financial planning credits, MFDA credits (other than Business Conduct), and IIROC credits (other than compliance). For Alberta A&S credits, you’ll be able to get 11 of your needed 15 credits. The live site updates your credit count as you select sessions, so you can see exactly what each session will add to your CE needs. Registration is very easy and intuitive.

I’m very much looking forward to CE Week. Some of my favourite people are helping to facilitate sessions. David Field, past guest on our CE Drive podcast, is joining us on the afternoon of Monday April 17th to work through CPP case studies. As one of the originators of the CPP Calculator online tool, there is no financial planner in the country who knows CPP as well as David does.

Professor Sarah Asebedo, a leading financial planning researcher and Associate Professor in the School of Financial Planning at Texas Tech University, will be joining us to discuss her research demonstrating the value of financial planning engagements. Professor Asebedo’s session will run the morning of Friday April 21st. I’m very excited to have her join us! She always impresses me when I get to see her present her research. Attending this session will make anyone a better financial advisor.

These are just two of our esteemed guest speakers, and there will be many more (at least two per day). The sessions will only be available for our CE subscribers, so please subscribe, and then sign up for as many sessions as you need.

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