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July 2020 Newsletter: LLQP Corner

I am back this month talking about LLQP. As with all things in life right now, the LLQP process is greatly impacted by Covid-19.  About mid-March, all provincial jurisdictions in Canada stopped offering the opportunity to write provincial exams.  Not knowing how long this would last, we allowed people to register in the program and proceed to certification.

One thing that I have learned over the 38 years that I have been in the insurance industry either as a practitioner, manager or educator is that this is a fast-start business.  The quicker you get at things, the greater your chance of success.  That holds true for the licensing process. I encourage people to register for and write the provincial exam at the earliest opportunity after achieving certification.

With Covid-19 and the shut-down, this was not possible, which caused us some concern, so we offered to all those who got certified after about mid-January, 2020 free, twice-weekly LLQP webinars with Tyler Sauve, our new LLQP instructor.  Those went over well and were taken up with considerable enthusiasm, and from all reports were of significant value. They allowed people to stay engaged in the process. Those sessions are now done. Our original commitment was to do that until the end of May with the hope that the provinces would resume exam writes.

So far as of the time of this message, only Alberta and Manitoba are offering exam writes. But we have decided that the sessions are of great value, so starting on Friday, June 19th at 9:00 AM Alberta time, these sessions will start up again. They will be conducted by Zoom webinar, will be 3 hours in duration and will be only for those people who have achieved full certification for the licensing course that they are registered into.

Everyone who is registered in LLQP with us, upon certification, gets an email from Marjorie Lewis that CIPR has been notified and that they can now register to write their provincial exams.   Marjorie’s email will include the meeting link to this free review session.  Tyler Sauve, who will be conducting the sessions, will also follow-up with each student to invite them to join and make sure that they have the link.

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