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Holiday Newsletter: The Gift that Keeps on Giving

This year we wanted to do a bit more for charities that mean something to our staff. We asked each of our team members to select a charity that they hold close to their heart and propose it to the rest of staff. By late summer, we had several different options. The team voted in September to select two charities to support in 2020; CEASE and LitWorld®.

CEASE provides tools for persons who have experienced sexual exploitation to heal and renew their lives. One of our team members has volunteered with them for years providing financial education and developing financial plans to help them get back on their feet.

LitWorld®’s mission is to “ensure that young people worldwide can experience the joy and transformation of reading, writing, and storytelling.”

We are committed that each of these organizations will receive a monthly donation from us starting this month and throughout 2020.

We are excited to support these two charities and their mission to support less privileged populations through education aligns well with our value being an educational institution. Look out for our upcoming newsletters as we tell you more about this initiative.

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