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December 2019 Newsletter: Spreading the word about IPE & PEP

If you are on your path to the CFP® or QAFP™ designation, did you know that there are two courses you will need to complete after the Core & Advanced Curriculum? They are called Introduction to Professional Ethics (IPE), and Professional Education Program (PEP). Available exclusively through

FP Canada, please note that there is a different version of the PEP course depending on which designation you are working towards. The IPE course will take approximately 2 hours and is done online. The PEP course will take approximately 110-160 hours, and is made up of assignments that are submitted online on a monthly basis. If you are planning on writing the CFP® or QAFP™ exams in 2020, it is advisable that you check out the registration dates for the PEP course, as there are specific deadlines each month.

If you have any questions please contact Kelsey or Penny by email, or phone 877-934-5577.

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