It’s September, the start of the school year, and time to start thinking about education. We’ve taken a good look at our Continuing Education offerings and I have some updates.

First, the podcast will continue as it has. We’ve enhanced our quality assurance process around the CE credit component. We are also working on more compliance content, especially IIROC and MFDA content.

As a complement to our podcast offerings, we will be, once per quarter, co-releasing an episode of the CE Drive Podcast alongside the Canadian Group Insurance Brokers. On November 9, an interview done by Dave Patriarche and I with a pharmacist will go live under both the CE Drive and CGIB Navigator brands. This fills a hole left in the group benefits podcast space. There have been several excellent group benefits podcasts over the years, including Howard Kettner’s Benefits Genius series and Lorne Curry’s Benefits of Knowledge podcast. Denise Balch at Connex Health continues to produce good content, but it’s intermittent. Dave and I are committed to producing one benefits-focused episode per quarter.

Next up, we will continue to run our half-day sessions on the 2nd or 3rd Friday of each month. In 2023, we will use 8 topics from the last 2 years and introduce 4 new topics. At least a couple of the new topics will focus on business owner planning and business-owned insurance, both of which are topics that good clients have specifically requested. If you have other suggestions for CE topics, I am always interested.

The big news on this front is that we will add two 5-day CE summits over 2023. We are still working on the exact architecture of these, but they will provide attendees with a full complement of CE credits for any license (except Quebec, most likely). Attendees will be able to pick and choose the sessions of greatest interest from within the 5-day window. More details will be available in late 2022.

Finally, we are working towards a full library of credits for those in Québec. I have found a couple of keen content creators in Québec, and we are looking at a possible podcast offering mirroring the CE Drive.

If you’re looking to gat access to our CE offerings, please go to and sign up for our $200 annual subscription. For $200, you’ll have access to any credits you need towards any license, except in Québec – for the time being.