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April 2020 Newsletter: Life Insurance Licensing Program (LLQP)

I am back to discussing insurance agent licensing, but wow, we are certainly in interesting times. As an organization, Business Career College is trying to react positively and responsibly to the crisis. When we transitioned to online/digital learning for most of our programs about a decade ago, I, as a seasoned veteran of the insurance industry pushed back a little and might have said, never me. I spend much of my time these days teaching LLQP, EPC and CE by webinar and find it much more effective than the old classroom learning method that most of us grew up with. If I can’t evolve with the times, that will leave me with only one alternative and that is to be put out to pasture.  I have a plan for that and I want it to be my choice, not someone else’s.

What you might be seeing taking place right now is an increased interest in life insurance. People are scared and as of the time of the writing, there have been about 15,000 deaths reported and attributable to Covid-19.  About 1 in 23 people diagnosed so far have died.  This might be a good time to talk to people about life insurance and even taking a look at the life insurance business, but keep in mind that getting certified to advance to the provincial exam, does not guarantee that the provinces will conduct exam writes.  As of this time no province anywhere in Canada is allowing exam writes.  Patience and understanding of the process are vitally important. And when it comes to the impact on qualifying for insurance it is all about properly disclosing all of the information required by insurance companies for underwriting purposes.  Full disclosure about international travel, health and similar issues will be more important that ever.  The Ethics and Professional Practice module of the LLQP course teaches people the importance of gathering information needed.  This might be a good time to reach out to one of us and have a dialogue about your licensing and education needs.

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