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CE Drive: What to expect in 2022 — Jason’s Corner

Our CE Drive podcast continues to roll along, and I wanted to take this opportunity to give you some updates about it. I love producing the podcast ¾ I find plenty of interesting people to interview, and I hear a lot of good feedback from our listeners. All episodes are now being released concurrently on audio platforms and YouTube.

Upcoming CE Drive episodes:

We have a good mix of content coming up. Firstly, my interview with Fraser Lang from GBL, one of the country’s leading actuarial consulting firms, which goes live tomorrow. This is a perfect complement to my interview with Trevor Parry in September of 2021. Fraser delves into some of the hardcore details around implementing IPPs and RCAs. Other upcoming episodes include:

  • March 16: Darryl Brown of You & Yours Financial discussing the delivery of investment advice in a fee-only advisory model.
  • March 30: Ray Zadrey of Faith Life Financial and Mona Zabet of NestWealth discussing the role of a digital wealth manager in a traditional insurance practice.
  • April 13: Dave Patriarche of Canadian Group Insurance Brokers discussing catastrophic risks and cost management in benefits plans.

Following these, I also have interviews lined up with Ray Zadrey (discussing adult guardianship) and Amanda McCloy of Manulife (discussing the finer points of insurance leverage in a corporate setting). If you’re interested in being on the podcast, or know of a good potential guest, hit me up at

Quarterly themes:

Working with our Sector Marketing Specialist, Sushami Pomerleau-Piquette, we will soon introduce quarterly themes for the show. Our Q2 theme is risk-management; our Q3 theme will be compliance and regulation; and our Q4 theme will be financial planning. As much as possible, I’ll be booking guests to fit those themes.

Quality assurance:

In response to some concerns about the CE certificates provided with each episode, we implemented a Quality Assurance process in February. Three episodes have gone public since implementing this process, and it seems to be working well. Maria Nguyen and Veronika Thibert team up to ensure that each episode’s CE offerings are correct. If you do notice any errors, please email

CE Drive listener stats:

I thought some of you might be interested in our listener stats. We won’t be unseating Tim Ferriss anytime soon, but I’m happy with the audience we’ve built. Our most recent episode, where Christian Battistelli and I discussed Joint Ownership, had 361 downloads of the audio version and 189 views of the video version, for a total of 550 impressions.

Subscribe today:

I think the podcast is the easiest way to get your CE credits. For a year of listening, at a cost of $200, it’s possible get all your credits needed for FP Canada™, Advocis, your insurance license, most IIROC credits, and most MFDA credits. You’ll learn something useful in every episode. Plus, the back catalogue is full of great information from knowledgeable and entertaining guests. Click here to subscribe.

Last month I talked about Preparing for Financial Planning Exams, you can read that article here.

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April 05, 2022 at 9:08 am, Risk Management and Advisor Education — Jason's Corner said:

[…] As discussed in our March newsletter, the theme for the second quarter of 2022 is Risk Management. I’m going to take this discussion in a slightly unconventional direction. You might expect a discussion about insurance or emergency funds or even personal directives. But I would like to, instead, discuss Risk Management in the advisor’s career path. […]

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